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In only 15 days, I’ll be back at my favorite place on earth.

Grand Cayman, here I come!  I just have to get through some exams first.  Okay… lots of exams.  But then I’ll be able to relax.

I absolutely love the beach.  A perfect day for me includes laying on a beach chair reading in the sun and occasionally going into the water to cool off.  Unfortunately, the beach and I don’t get along.  I burn so easily.  But that doesn’t stop me!  Here are some of my beach essentials to ensure that I can stay out in the sun all day, and some tricks of the trade that I have figured out from years of being a glowingly-pale sunbather.


1. Don’t be afraid to pack several bottles of sunscreen.  Carry a larger tote if you have to- you want plenty of options!  I use a higher SPF for my face and neck than I do for the rest of my body.  I also use a cream sunscreen on my face and a spray on my body.  They make sunscreen with tanning oil in it, so there is no excuse to not wear it!  And don’t forget lip balm- some varieties even contain sunscreen.

2. Apply sunscreen before you go outside.  Do it as you get ready to leave, and you won’t have to awkwardly put it on outside with a bunch of random people.

3. Re-apply sunscreen every time you get a drink.  Whether you refill your water bottle or order a fun beverage, sticking to this routine will ensure that you re-apply enough.

4. On that note, drink!  A lot!  Make sure you always have water with you.  If you don’t like water, then pack some Crystal Light packets or drop a few lemons or cucumber slices into your water.  The sun can be very dehydrating, and water is so refreshing on a hot day.  No excuses!

5. When you get out of the sun, take a shower to wash off sunscreen residue ASAP and moisturize afterwards.  Use a lightweight moisturizer, or one designed especially for after-sun.  You want your newly tan skin to stay healthy and soft.

15… more… days.

Where is your dream vacation destination?