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It’s almost the end of the quarter, so I’m definitely not doing so well in terms of the productivity department.

I’ve recently started going on “study dates” with friends in which we don’t actually study very much.  My friend and I went on one last week, and we both ordered toasted honey whole-wheat bagels with egg whites and cheddar from Einstein’s.

.  This made our learning disabilities exam much easier to study for!

Yummmmmm so good and mildly-healthy.

I’ve definitely felt like I’ve hopped on the procrastination train this week.  I don’t have anything urgent to do, but I literally have no motivation at all to get anything done.  All I want to do is shop online.  I received a $5 gift card from Amazon for taking a survey for school, and I figured I’d treat myself to a little gift.  What did I buy?  Sheet protectors.  I know what you’re thinking: WOW COURTNEY’S DREAMING BIG TODAY. Buuuuuut they only cost $1.42.  And who doesn’t love sheet protectors?  They’re great for keeping papers neat and tidy and, well, protected.

Speaking of office supplies, here are some cool finds from Lifeguard Press!  They stock Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler supplies.  Love, love, love.

supplies Do you like office supplies?  Surely it can’t just be me!