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I made this collage from Bid Night at my sorority!  I planned and decorated everything, so I wanted to have a collage to remember how it all looked.  Those Lilly Pulitzer letters took a long time, but it was worth it because they looked gorgeous!

Daisy spend a day at the doggie daycare, and she got a spa treatment.  I’m not exactly sure what that entails, but my dad sent me this photo of her after he picked her up.  I love the sweet little smile on her face!

These Whole Foods brownies are AMAZING.  Like seriously, they’re so good.  The bottom layer is brownie, the middle layer tastes just like Oreo creme, and the top is fudge frosting.  It’s topped with white chocolate chips and crumbled Oreos.  I literally cannot.  It’s divine.

I’ve been loving iced coffee, even though it’s super cold out! My classes are about a mile from my house, if I bring hot coffee on the walk over, it’s cold by the time I get there.  So I just bring iced coffee instead because it stays cold.  It might be strange, but it tastes good and wakes me up!

I’ve been loving my classes this quarter.  I’m taking two infant development classes (Typical & Atypical Development and Early Intervention, for the curious) and couldn’t be more fascinated by the material.  I’m also taking a phonetics class and a marketing class.  I have a big test tomorrow, so I’m been freaking out!




I’ve been loving the look of hand lettering lately.  I tried making my own as a way to procrastinate studying.  It’s nowhere near as good as the ones I see all over Pinterest, but I’m trying!

Sorry my posts have been sporadic: the past four weeks have been a whirlwind of recruitment, classes, and more.  It’s been crazy, but I *think* things are calming down a bit.  Fingers crossed!

What have YOU been up to?