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Happy holidays, everyone!  I absolutely love Christmas, and I always take lots of photos around Christmastime.  I put some of my favorites into a little collage for the blog.  Look forward to a post about my 2014 goals soon!

Clockwise from top left:

// Gingerbread cookies that I made with my boyfriend.  I love baking and decorating cut-out cookies.

// A pretty Christmas dinner salad and Christmas cracker!  Crackers are a tradition for my family… my cousins and I always open them at the same time and laugh about the silly gifts inside.

// The Auditorium Theater in Chicago.  My mom and I see The Nutcracker ballet every year, and I absolutely love the theater.  It’s very old, so watching a show there feels like going back in time!

// More cookies and I made with my family.  You can never have too many Christmas cookies!

// The yearly present pile at my grandparents’ house on Christmas.  These gifts were for 20 people, not just me!

// Daisy checking out the box of treats we got her for Christmas.  My sister and I spent about 15 minutes choosing treats for Daisy at Target.  We loved that Buddy Biscuits are made of natural ingredients that we would give to Daisy at home.  And they’re shaped like people!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?