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Good morning, everyone!  Thanks for your comments on my last post; I’m working on a shopping list printable right now, but it’s taking longer than I expected.  I promise I’ll be done soon!

In the meantime, here are some #MIMM photos from this week.  I love Christmastime, and my week has been full of shopping, baking, and snuggling with Daisy and a cup of coffee.  Last quarter, I started drinking coffee that isn’t in Frappuccino form.  Because frankly, even coffee Frappuccinos taste more like coffee ice cream than actual coffee.  Every time I tried coffee in the past, I was put off by its bitterness.  Someone told me that you don’t drink coffee because you like it, you drink it because you need it.  And that’s true.  I started drinking it at a time when I needed it, when I had a lot to do and no energy, and now I like it!  I knew that it would happen sometime out of necessity.  Now I have a pretty solid routine for how I like my coffee.  Not too hot, with a stevia packet and a little bit of flavored creamer.  I know the flavored creamers are full of artificial flavorings, but whatevs.  Vanilla, peppermint mocha, and toffee are some of my favorite flavors.  The cute snowman mug makes it taste better, too!

Last week when my boyfriend and I went to Eataly, we also stopped by Macy’s on State Street to look at the decorated windows.  Honestly, I thought the windows were kind of terrifying.  Lots of creepy dolls.  But check out this gorgeous tree!

We took Daisy to see Santa at PetSmart.  She loved it!

For a little while…

Daisy is a little confused about this whole Christmas thing.  She keeps checking out the presents under the tree.

And wondering why we dress her in Christmas jammies.

But she’s just so cute in them!  And they keep her warm when we take her outside.  It’s very snowy in Chicago… I can’t wait for a white Christmas!


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What is your favorite part of the holidays?  Any big plans?