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It’s almost the holiday season, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I absolutely love buying gifts for my friends and family… but what about those people who are impossible to shop for?  If they’re college students (or anyone awaiting their debut to “the real world”), then here is a selection of small gifts I’m sure they’ll love.

simple stationery // Thank-you notes are underrated – a handwritten note goes so far.  I keep all the notes I receive in a box, so I make sure to send them whenever I can.

notepads // I love making lists, and I think written checklists are making a comeback in our technology-crazed age.  I’ve mentioned it before on this blog: there’s something about checking items off a list that is so satisfying.

conservative earrings // I have more pairs of cheap, fake-silver earrings from Claire’s than I could ever wear in a lifetime.  Much less a job interview.  A neutral pair of earrings (and yes, navy is a neutral) go a long way when it comes to dressing up a simple outfit.

good pens // Brightly-colored pens make writing so much more fun.  These ones come in so many colors, including unique colors like periwinkle and turquoise.

agenda stickers // I’ve been lusting after these Lilly Pulitzer academic stickers for a while now.  I might have a test… but at least the reminder will look pretty!

potted plant // This cute little boxwood adds a pop of green to any room while freshening the air.  It’s small enough for any space, and easy to care for.


What is your favorite gift for the person who has everything?