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Happy Monday, everyone!  I’m sorry I haven’t been on top of things recently… I’ve been so busy that it’s been tough to find time to comment on all of your blogs.  But now that things have calmed down a tad, I’ll be back on track.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  Actually I don’t really know.  But I will try!

College has been going well so far.  Classes are interesting but difficult; I feel like I have twice the amount of reading this quarter as I did last quarter.  I sometimes have trouble getting the “big idea” out of reading, especially when it’s a long assignment, so it’s been tough for me!

Work has been fun: I’m working in my lab like I have been since January, as well as for KIND Healthy Snacks as a University Brand Ambassador.  Both jobs are very different, but a ton of fun! Last weekend was Homecoming, and while we didn’t win, it was an AMAZING week, and I had such a great time cheering in a packed student section.  Check it out!

I’ve been loving KIND products as of late: my favorite bar flavors are Cashew Ginger Spice and Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, and my favorite healthy grains clusters flavor is Peanut Butter.  All of the KIND products are so delicious and healthy — I love sharing them with people on campus because I feel like I’m helping out.  So many times I’ve given someone a bar to try and heard, “Oh thanks, I haven’t had time to eat yet today!”  At like… 2 PM.  What?!?  College kids need healthy snacks, and KIND products are portable and very good for you.  I just love the KIND brand so much, and I am so honored to work with them this year.  😀

I’ve been really into making to-do lists lately.  I found a pad of paper and have been making them each day, checking items off, and then making another one below it the next day.  There’s just something about writing down everything you need to do.  It instantly relieves stress.

It’s been unseasonably warm, so it doesn’t really feel like fall yet.  I think this week it’s supposed to cool down… I’m so excited!  I love bundling up in leggings and scarves.

As always, thanks to Katie from Healthy Diva Eats for hosting Marvelous in My Monday!

Now tell me… what is marvelous about your Monday?