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Hello loves 🙂

It’s almost officially fall!  Fall is my favorite season, mostly because of the yummy smells, cozy clothing, and crisp, beautiful weather.  And pumpkin of course.  😉 Here are some of my fall favorites.

Shea butter // I love shea butter for all seasons, but I can’t really justify using it during the summer.  While it is a great moisturizer, it’s very rich and therefore not the best for hot summer days.  Fall means I can start using it again!  I use pure shea butter on my cuticles, and even on my face if it’s very windy outside.  I live right on the coast of Lake Michigan, so it gets windy often!

Scarves // There’s nothing better to keep you warm than a cozy scarf.  With so many cute colors and knits, it’s easy to wear scarves with every outfit.

Fall nail polish // I tend to like fall and winter nail polish collections better than spring and summer ones.  My skin looks best in cooler colors, so maybe that’s why?  Essie has adorable cute colors for fall this year.

Pumpkin-scented things // This pumpkin cupcake candle smells incredible… I only wish I could use it in my room!  I live in an old house and it’s against the rules, so oh well.  One day I’ll invest in an entire case of pumpkin candles and have a pumpkin-filled home all year round.  Livin’ the dream right there.

Boots // Up until last year, I had never owned a pair of boots that weren’t Uggs or snow boots.  But I’m so glad I got some riding boots: they’re perfect with skinny jeans or even with a cute fall dress and tights.  Not that Uggs aren’t amazing… they really are, regardless of stylish-ness. 😉

What is your favorite part of fall?