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I’m back at school!  While I will miss having so much time to relax (and let’s be honest: watch trashy reality TV), I’m excited to get back to campus.

Here’s a final summer photo collage!

Clockwise from right:

// Chocolate chunk caramel peanut butter brownies!  Divine and such a treat 🙂

// Daisy and I!  She was especially sweet a few days ago, and I had to snap this photo.

// My boyfriend and I went mini-golfing last weekend, and we had so much fun!  The course had hills and waterfalls… for a mini golf course, it was beautiful!

// Daisy’s little face!  Sorry I’m not sorry I post so many photos of her.  If you don’t like her, you probably don’t like anything.

// The boyfriend and I at mini golf again!  I like selfies.  He lets me take them with him.  What a guy. 😛


What was the best part of your summer?  Tell me in the comments!