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I have a confession: I’ve been in way more sporting goods stores the past few months than I’d like to admit.  I’ve been looking for Nike Studio Wraps for a long time.  They have been available online for a while, but I wanted to try them on before buying them.  And yesterday, I finally did!

I saw this display at Sports Authority Elite and silently freaked out.

I first tried them on in a size small, but they were too big.  I found this weird, as usually Nike shoes run small.  But the size x-small fit perfectly.  I usually wear a size 6-6.5 shoe, and these were designed for size 5-6.  They’re very stretchy, so I’d go for the smaller size if you’re not sure.

Well, I never thought I’d be posting a photo of my foot on the internet.  I really need to paint my nails.

But back to the shoes: I loved how these felt on my feet!  They were cushioned but still very light and breathable.  The fabric didn’t cut into any awkward parts of my foot.  But I was wondering… where did the rest of the shoes go?  Online, you can buy the Studio Wrap with ribbons and ballet flat-like covers for your feet for when you go outside for $110.  What happened to those?  They weren’t included in the boxes in this store.  I wouldn’t buy the shoes unless they included the ribbons and foot covers.  What’s going on, Nike?  Why can’t I buy the entire Studio Wrap set at the store?


In other news, I found Essie’s fall line at Target!  Can you guess which color I like the most?  Hint: look at my blog layout!

That’s right, it’s Boxer Shorts!  As polish names go, this one is pretty funny.  But I love periwinkle, so I’m really happy Essie came out with a shade that’s perfect for fall and winter.  I also like After School Boy Blazer… it’s a gorgeous, classy navy .


I’m going back to school on Sunday (!!!), so I won’t be posting as often until I’m out of school for winter break.  I’ll still post and comment on your lovely blogs, but it may not be as frequently.  Uff.