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August is almost over, which means it’s time for a collage of photos that didn’t make it into other posts, but were just too good to skip posting.

Clockwise from top right:

1 // The boyfriend and I!

2 // Daisy’s guilty face!  Reminds me of this video.

3 // Shameless work selfie!  Pretending to look all official.

4 // We ordered a cupcake for a co-worker who was leaving for college, but we needed to order more from the bakery so they would deliver it to our office.  Oh, it was such a problem! 😉 I ordered this grumpy cookie!

5 // A new storage ottoman from Target – I love that it’s round instead of square, and the pattern is adorable.  I can’t wait to move back in to my room at school, especially when it feels like EVERY other college has started already.

6 // My Influenster Good Life VoxBox arrived a few days ago!  Check back for a review of the items in it soon.

7 // Frozen yogurt with the boyfriend!  We went to SwirlCup and it was delicious, but I wish they had a wider selection of yogurt flavors.  In a perfect world, every fro-yo place would have every yogurt flavor and topping at all times.  A girl can dream!  He got plain yogurt with fruit, while I got peanut butter, cake batter, and chocolate yogurt with every chocolate topping they had.  Typical.

What was your favorite part of August?