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Here are some of my school supply must-haves!  Can you tell I’m really excited for school supply shopping?

A Planner // This is pretty self-explanatory.  As I’ve said before: If it’s not in my planner, it’s not happening.  I use mine to keep me on top of deadlines, assignments, and events.

Note-Taking Supplies // Find a system that works for you, and stick to it.  I write slowly, so I type my notes during class to ensure that I get everything down.  After class, I transcribe the typed notes onto white unlined paper using my pens and flare pens.  I really don’t like lined paper: it’s so thin and flimsy.The colored pens are great for making headers and diagrams.

Reading Supplies // Again, you need a system.  I try to do my reading assignments before class.  I highlight my books, and use page flags to mark important pages or assignments.  I don’t annotate or take notes on textbook material unless I absolutely have to.  For me, it’s usually a waste of time.  When I’m studying for the test, I go back and re-read highlighted parts of the book.

Organization Supplies // It’s no use to be organized during the school year if you store everything in a big, messy pile after classes end.  I use a small 3-ring binder with tabs for each class.  It’s easy to carry around in my backpack or tote.  When a class ends, I save the important papers (essays, tests, study guides) and put them in sheet protectors in a large binder.  I only keep the papers that I think I will need later.


What is your office must-have?