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This past Sunday we held a birthday party for my sister Taylor and my dog, Daisy!  We adopted Daisy from a shelter, so we don’t know her exact age, but August 4th was a good day so we went with it.  Daisy turned 1 year old on August 4th!

Daisy wore a birthday bow.  She actually kept it on for a few hours before shaking it off.  Sorry for the blurry photo… she was an excited puppy!

We had a cookie cake for the human guests.

And biscuits for Daisy!  They’re made with peanut butter, egg, and flour — so easy!

My favorite part of the party was watching Daisy “open” her gifts.  She had a little help from my sister, but it was so cute to watch her play with everything!  She put all of her new toys in a pile, then moved them one by one to her bed.  She’s an organized puppy after my own heart.

It was so much fun!  She is so spoiled. 🙂