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You know what I don’t understand?  Those “What’s In Her Purse?” features in magazines.  Because they’re never real!  Nobody carries fancy aromatherapy candles and hardcover novels in their purse.  Especially not in those tiny cross-body bags that the magazines always show.  And where are all the CVS receipts and hair ties and Advil?  Perhaps they’re Photoshopped out.

So here’s a semi-accurate representation of what I keep in my tote daily.  Depending on the day, I may take out the planner if I’m feeling daring and/or unproductive, or add a light cardigan if I think I might be cold.  Because I don’t like being cold.

1 // Lip balm — My lips are always dry.  Always.  This brand is medicated, so it soothes while it softens.

2 // Tervis tumbler — These cups are great for hot or cold beverages.  Invest in a lid so you can carry yours around with you.

3 // Waterproof mascara — I’m allergic to every season, so my eyes often water.  No I’m not sad.  To avoid the dreaded raccoon eye, I always keep a tube of this mascara in my bag.

4 // Pens — I always keep several pens in my bag for jotting things down or lending out to friends.  But you’d better give it back.  I get irrationally frustrated when I lose my pens.

5 // Hair elastics — Because you never know when you, or a friend, might need one.

6 // The Lilly Agenda — Also known as my life in a book.

7 // Hand lotion — Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath & Body Works lotion is my weakness.  It smells incredible, and it’s smelled the same for like… forever.  It’s comforting and nostalgic, plus it works wonders on dry skin.

8 // Earbuds — I need these for my research job, but they’re also great for the gym and when I don’t want anyone to talk to me.  I keep a pair in my purse at all times to avoid forgetting them at home.

What is always in YOUR purse?  And you’d better not say scented candles.