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Every once in a while, I get bored and play around with Polyvore, just picking and choosing things that I like to make a collage.  I rarely actually post these collages, but this one turned out nicely and sums up what I’ve been into lately.  Very vintage, very French, and very pretty.

Le Petit Prince // A book that I was forced to read in 11th grade French class… it was a challenge to read and I didn’t get the message from it as I was reading it, but the ending made me understand it all.  This is a spectacular book for children and adults.

Vintage posters // These zoology and fashion posters are so detailed and elegant.

Accessories // In tortoiseshell and rose gold, plus those amazing Mary Jane heels.

Home // Jadeite and milk glass will always be my favorites, plus pretty apothecary jars, fun garland, white hydrangeas, bold trellis prints, and cursive-print fabric.


What inspires YOU?