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I feel so overwhelmed when my Bloglovin reader climbs into the double digits.  I wonder, Is this really worth it?  I spend so much time commenting on blogs that don’t reply to my comments or comment on mine… do they even read mine?  Do they need to?  Is there some sort of blogger etiquette about this, or am I overthinking it?  Because I tend to do that.  I’ve been commenting on the same blogs for months, no, years now, and my growth has been slow.  Am I wasting my time?

I enjoy reading the blogs of people whom I’ve spoken to.  Through comments, emails, Facebook posts, etc.  It’s not a burden to read their blogs.  So I reorganized my Bloglovin.  Did you know that you can group blogs you follow into categories, then sort your feed by category?  I used to have my categories set as “Healthy Living,” Fashion,” etc.  But this wasn’t very useful.  I recently re-categorized into two very distinct groups.  They’re called “Comment Back” and “Don’t Comment Back.”  I sorted the blogs into these two groups, and unfollowed some blogs, too.  It was actually very freeing, and while I felt a little bit guilty knowing that these bloggers may see their follower count go down, I felt better when I remembered that they probably won’t notice.

Here is the thought process behind this.  Do I really want to spend time reading and commenting on blogs that may not even read my comments?  Of course not!  There are some exceptions: blogs that post amazing content (and host incredible giveaways… if only!) that I just can’t bare to unfollow.  But I don’t need these blogs to be in the same list as the blogs whose writers I actually talk to.  These bloggers deserve followers who read and care about their blogs.  They deserve my time.  And since you’re reading this post (and it’s a long, text-heavy one!), then you deserve my time, too. <333