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Stickers, $5, Paper Source.  Perfect for labeling files, folders, and more.

Flare Pens, $9/12, Amazon.  The best pens… and they come in every color!

Magazine Files, $5/2, Ikea.  Great for organizing folders, notebooks, and books so that they don’t topple over when you retrieve them from your bookshelf.

Black Pens, Kate Spade, Saturday.  Cute, poppy pens are fun to write with.

Poster (actually wrapping paper!), $4, Paper Source.  A colorful addition for the wall above your desk.

Stapler, $24, Russel + Hazel.  You won’t want to hide this fun, chic stapler in a drawer.

Pencil Cup, $19, Waiting on Martha. A glamorous pencil cup that can double as a small flower vase.

Cork Board, $9, Walmart. A simple board for keeping everything in place.

Sticky Notes, $12, Shop Ruche. For daily reminders!

What is your office essential?