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Hi everyone!  It’s Daisy here, and I’m Courtney’s malti-poo.  I also go by Daisybug, Daisybutton, Daisydoodle, and Daisinator.  I’m obviously the cutest dog in the world, but I get excited when my people come home, too!

And when they get home, I’m ready to play!  Courtney took me for a walk to burn off some of my energy.  We walked four blocks – that’s a long walk for my little legs!

On the walk, we confronted a big dog who scares me.  I usually run right past his house and make Courtney jog alongside.  I have her wrapped around my paw!

It turns out the big dog is pretty chill.  He gave me some kisses and didn’t eat me.  We’re pretty much BFFs now.

At night, I like to lounge around on my bed.

Or on my blanket.

Sometimes, I even take selfies.  I’m sorry if they’re blurry… I don’t have thumbs!

That’s all for now!  It’s time for dinner: hopefully I can get Courtney to give me some of her food… I especially like lime tortilla chips and cornbread.  I can be a healthy living blogger, too!  Thanks for reading!

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