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Ever since I was little, I have loved planning events.  I used to plan my birthday parties months in advance in elementary school, and I would get angry when my party guests didn’t appreciate my party theme as much as I wanted them to!  Now, I get to plan events it on a larger scale as part of some of my campus activities.  But as anyone who has ever planned anything can tell you, event-planning takes a lot of organization.  Like, a lot.  And even though I love organizing, I haven’t yet mastered event-planning organization.

I like Google docs, Excel spreadsheets, and other web-based organizing tools, but I always need to write everything down so I have it when I’m not on my laptop.  Though I’ve tried many organizational materials, I feel that there is a huge need for basic monthly event planning sheets.  Nothing fancy, nothing specific, just sheets with plenty of space to write but enough structure to seem productive.  So instead of continuing to search for the perfect event planning printable, I made my own in MS Word.  They’re cute and perfect and customizable and I want to make them for every event I ever plan ever.  I printed them double-sided to save some trees, and put them into a 3-ring binder.

There is one sheet for each month leading up to your event.  I made sheets for all 12 months, and you can print just the ones you need.  You could even use these as personal, monthly planning sheets.

As well as a sheet for organizing your budget and reimbursements.  I get reimbursed for money I spend on items for events, so it’s important to keep track of everything!

What are you waiting for?  Download the printables for free and start planning your next big event… or just your life!