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Just a disclaimer, I wasn’t paid to promote Starbucks.  Well… I guess technically I was, but read the post and you’ll understand!

I love Light Mocha Frappuccinos.  You know how everyone has a signature Starbucks order?  Mine is a Venti Light Mocha Frappuccino with no  whipped cream.  At least it used to be , until a few weeks ago.  I ordered one from the Starbucks on campus and walked over to the beach to relax and enjoy it.  I took a sip of my drink and I immediately knew something was wrong.  It tasted like the milk was sour, there was no mocha syrup at all, and the entire thing was foam so it melted into watery liquid within minutes.

I don’t usually complain about small stuff like this.  Wait… who am I kidding?  I totally do.  Just not in an official way.  But if I’m going to spend $5 on a drink, I expect it to be well-made.  So I emailed Starbucks Customer Service.  A few days later, a customer service rep emailed me asking more questions, and I answered them.  She told me she was going to send me some coupons, and they finally arrived!  I received two free drink coupons.  Yay!



Unfortunately, I can’t order the Light Mocha Frappuccinos anymore because they just don’t taste as good after that experience.  Side note: has anyone ever experienced this with a food?  When you have one bad experience with it and can’t eat it anymore?  Or is it just me?

I’ve switched to Light Caramel Frappuccinos, which are just as good.  I really don’t like the taste of coffee on its own, but in a Frappuccino it tastes delicious.  And I get two of them for free!

I was so impressed with Starbucks customer service that I just had to post about it here.  Thanks, Starbucks!  Keep being awesome.

What is your signature Starbucks order?