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Happy Monday!

MiMM MIMM #51 with Lots of Fun Highlights From The Weekend!

On Friday, my sister came to visit!  My boyfriend, she, and I all went to Andy’s for frozen custard.  Have you ever had Andy’s custard?  It’s legendary.  The boyfriend and I split a peanut butter and brownie concrete with hot fudge, and it did not disappoint.

Saturday morning, my sister and I got bagels from Einstein’s.  I had my usual order: a 9-grain bagel with egg whites and cheese.

My dad brought Daisy when he came to pick my sister up!  My sorority sisters came outside (barefoot, apparently) to pet her.  Obviously Daisy loved the attention… she’s such a diva!

For dinner my friends and I ordered takeout from a Middle Eastern restaurant.  Obviously I ordered hummus, and it was amazing!

On Sunday, my sorority had our annual philanthropy event.  We raised money for domestic violence awareness and prevention.

It has been a marvelous weekend, but now it’s time to actually get started on homework.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day, everyone.

What did you do this weekend?