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I say “sorry I’m not sorry” on a daily basis.  Because sometimes your choices/opinions are questionable for others but just right for you.  It happens. This link-up is to celebrate those times.  Presenting…

This week it will just be me as I try to get the link-up program to work.  You’re welcome to post your own SINSS… share the link to your post in the comments if you do!

Sorry I’m not sorry… that I don’t like wearing pants.  I’m the girl who wears dresses and skirts in the middle of winter.  As a kid, I used to only wear leggings and dresses.  When leggings came back in style, I obviously jumped right on the bandwagon.

Sorry I’m not sorry… that I can’t stand people who walk slowly.  If you’re just strolling in front of me, having a grand old time, making me late to class, then I will walk around and in front of you.

Sorry I’m not sorry… for being a super picky eater.  I can list dozens of foods that I don’t like, or that I refuse to try.  I like certain foods that other people won’t go near, like plain yogurt, spinach salads, and unsweetened tea.  So I’m sorry if I offend you when I pick around the tomatoes in my salad.

Sorry I’m not sorry… for having questionable taste in music and I’m not afraid to admit it.  My Spotify library contains a mix of top 40s, late 90’s-early 2000’s pop music, ballet music, and whatever I find from Pandora.

Sorry I’m not sorry… for getting irrationally annoyed when people cough or sneeze in class and don’t cover their mouths.  I swear I can feel their sickness particles landing on me.

Sorry I’m not sorry… that my wardrobe is gradually turning into entirely cotton and flannel as finals week approaches.  Function over fashion, my friends.

Sorry I’m not sorry… for eating in class.  But actually, one time I saw a guy in my marketing class tweet about how people shouldn’t be allowed to eat in class while he was sitting right next to me.  I wasn’t eating anything crunchy or messy offensive-smelling either.  If he wanted some of my Fiber One bar, he could have just asked.

What are you absolutely not sorry about?