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It may not be the holiday season anymore, but there are so many occasions in Spring that call for presents.  From Mother’s day to graduations of all sorts, it can be difficult to find the perfect little present, especially if you don’t know the recipient well.  Here are some foolproof gift ideas that you just can’t have enough of.


1. Scented candles are always a nice surprise.  Find one that comes in a pretty glass jar so the recipient can use it as a pencil cup after the candle melts away.

2. Light scarves are great for dressing up any outfit.  Choose a solid color or pattern, but stick to universally-flattering jewel tones or neutrals.

3. You can never have too many notebooks.  Pick one with a hard cover to turn a basic office supply into a special gift.

4. Coffee mugs are another item you can never have enough of.  Go for one with a unique pattern, or match the recipient’s kitchen decor.  You can even fill it with some tea bags or a Starbucks gift card.

5. A nice bottle of nail polish is a fun gift.  Again, jewel tones are optimal here.

6. Body lotions are always a treat.  For people like me who stick to drugstore brands, a nice bottle of lotion is a luxurious surprise.

What is your favorite small gift to give?