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Hi lovelies 🙂  I’ve been super busy lately, so I’m sorry if I’ve been slow to respond to your comments!  When I’m overwhelmed with work, I try to appreciate the little things that make me happy. Here are some of these things as of late.

Archer Farms Dark Chocolate Espresso Trail Mix

My friend Veronica introduced me to this trail mix, and WOW it is addicting.  The chocolate-covered coffee beans give you a jolt of energy, making it a perfectly indulgent study snack.

(Productive) Study Breaks

Painting my nails is my favorite way to take a study break.  Notice the autism notes in the background?  It’s productive, but it gives your brain a break!  Confetti nail polish is great inexpensive polish.  I got this bottle (called “Not Your Mother’s Pink”) for $2, and it goes on smoothly and lasts for a fairly long time without chipping.  It comes in plenty of fun colors, so it’s great for when you want to try a new, fun color but don’t want to splurge.

One Less Thing to Worry About

My research assistantship grant proposal was accepted, so I’ll be getting paid this summer!  Thank goodness.

Veggies and Hummus

It’s finally gotten warm in Chicago, so my sorority sisters and I have been spending a lot of time on our porch lately!  On Saturday there was a concert on the quad, so we picked up some snacks at Whole Foods and hung out.  I got this roasted red pepper hummus on sale, and it was delicious!

Free Stuff

I liked Emergen-C on Facebook, and they sent me free samples!  I tried both flavors, and they were both pretty good!  Surprisingly, I liked the Tangerine flavor better than the Lemon-Lime flavor.  I usually love lemon-lime flavored drinks, but this one just wasn’t tart enough for me.  The tangerine flavor was refreshing and sweet.  These drink mixes are full of vitamins, and very tasty!

Also, Geneologie was generous enough to send me a cup koozie and a tank top.  An employee also sent me a lovely handwritten note… I felt so special!  Geneologie is a really cool sorority merchandise site where you can customize everything from water bottles to running shorts.

What little thing have you been loving lately?