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Good morning, everyone. 🙂  Today I’ve decided to join in on Sunday Social!  It’s a link-up where you answer questions about yourself… what could be better?

Sunday Social

What is your shopping weakness? Lululemon, of course.  I’m usually the most thrify person in the world, but Lululemon is so high-quality and looks so flattering that I can’t resist.

What is your food weakness? Puppy chow.  Ever had puppy chow? It’s cereal coated in chocolate and peanut butter and powdered sugar.  It’s amazing and irresistible!

What is your go-to movie to watch when nothing is on? This is a good question!  Titanic tends to be on all the time, and it’s always a good bet.  I cry every time when Rose has the dream at the end of the movie!

What is your go-to breakfast food?  Cereal!  I love all kinds of cereal.  Right now, Frosted Mini Wheats and bran flakes are my favorites.

Do you drink coffee? If so how do you take it? I don’t drink coffee on its own.  Venti mocha light Frappuccinos are my go-to Starbucks order… there’s a little bit of coffee in there!

Do you drink coffee?  Any tips for me to make it taste good?