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Thanks for your comments on my last post… “It’s Ok” was a fun post to write and I can’t wait to write another!

We went to Flat Top Grill for dinner on Saturday, and it was delicious!  Flat Top is a popular restaurant in my town, mostly because you can get a lot of reasonably healthy food for a good price.  I got steak, green beans, edemame, carrots, peppers, and bean sprouts in my stir fry.  Stir fries and salads are the only ways I like vegetables – they have to stay crunchy!  I’m not sure what sauce I put on this… I usually end up combining a few sauces and then dousing the entire thing in soy sauce at the table.  Not even sorry.

The weather has been surprisingly lovely lately!  It has been cold (obviously) but so pretty.

I don’t know why but this title made me laugh!

I’ve had such a busy week… class, meetings, homework, repeat.  Just gotta remember this.

Sorry for being a bad blogger lately… I’ve been so incredibly busy, and life comes before this blog.  Plus I don’t want to fail out of college.  🙂