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This link-up is exactly what I need right now.  It’s Thursday, it’s an incredibly long week, I’m exhausted, and I’m ready to vent.

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s ok…

To wear head-to-toe Lululemon all day without any intention of going to the gym.

To get irrationally angry when you find out you have to miss pasta at dinner and have someone set aside you some for later instead.

To hate how antibiotics make you feel while simultaneously praising them because maybe this sinus infection will finally go away.

To spend way too much time on Buzzfeed.

To want a Diet Coke, but to not have the energy to walk 50 feet to a vending machine and buy one.

To become sassy when people don’t text back within an appropriate length of time.  Don’t make me double-text.

To admit that you have no idea what kind of music you like, but you are certain of music you don’t like.

To watch cat videos instead of reading for school.

To really want to get up and dance, even though you still don’t have the energy to walk that 50 feet for that Diet Coke.

What’s your “It’s Ok…” for today?