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Funny story… so yesterday I was in my marketing class when the professor asked the class our majors.  Most raised their hands for economics, psychology and journalism.  She then asked the people who didn’t raise their hands to say their majors.  So I answered: communication sciences and disorders.  It’s a mouthful, and most people don’t exactly know what it means, which is fine.  She then asked me what I wanted to do with that major, and I responded, “speech pathology” with a smile.  And the class laughed.  I laughed, too.  It was funny!


Of course, I know a communication sciences and disorders major with a marketing certificate is a little (or a lot) unique, but it got me thinking.  Why am I pursuing the certificate at all?  And the answer is this blog.  I want to learn to market Courtney Em and my own personal brand.  Speech pathology?  That’s a career.  This is a hobby that I want to take to the next level.  And if I have access to a program that will help get me there, then I’m going to pursue it.  I’m passionate about both fields, and I thrive on variety.  If you want to do something, and you think you can do it, then just go for it!  Let people think whatever they want.  They can only be impressed when you accomplish your goal.

So laugh all you want, because I laugh at it, too. But I’m for real, so watch out. 🙂