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My first class of the day was ballet.  I haven’t danced in YEARS so it wasn’t pretty.  But I remembered more than I thought I would, which was nice!  It felt so great to get back in the studio.  I love the focus, calm and happiness that comes with completing a ballet class.  It’s like, “Okay, I’m ready for the day!”

After ballet I had two more classes.  I ate this apple sometime.  I took a photo of it, intending to photograph my food today, but then my phone betrayed me and made a loud “CLICK” noise when I took the photo and people stared and I gave up and abandoned that idea.

After class, I came home and did some homework.  Gotta love it when professors assign homework before the first class even happens.

I didn’t take a photo of my outfit, but I liked it today!  It’s basically what I wear to class every. single. day.  Comfy and practical.  Here is a version of it without me in it.


A quotation to keep you going… happy hump day!

What is your favorite quotation?