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I absolutely love Target.  Like, a little too much.  Here are some items that caught my eye on a recent trip, along with what I actually bought.  Which is far less exciting than the fun stuff I found around the store.

Pink Kitchenaid mixer.  For the domestic goddess in me.

An adorable elephant candle!

Sparkly necklace!

An fun notebook

Pretty patterned binders

What I actually bought at Target.  I finally jumped on the denim shirt bandwagon!  Along with some school supplies and vitamins.  The gummy vitamins taste best right after you open the jar.  They get stale pretty quickly, but you can’t eat them all at once because… they’re vitamins.  And then when you get to the bottom of the jar the gummies are all hard and icky.  #firstworldproblems

Tomorrow I go back to school and get ready to start classes again.  Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, and Happy Sunday to those who don’t!

Are you as obsessed with Target as I am?