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So, I’m really lovin’ Bloglovin’.  It makes me want to replace g’s with apostrophes on all my gerunds.

Actually, not really.  That would just be annoyin’. Annoying.  Okay, I’m done now.

Anyway… Bloglovin’ is a really neat RSS reader that is so easy to use.  It allows you to easily scroll through blogs, and it has a clean layout that I really like.

This is the homepage.


The parentheses next to the folders indicate that I have 6 unread posts in each category.   You can access everything right from the homepage.  Want to follow a specific blog?  Just type it into the search bar.  Want to edit your profile?  Just click your picture.  Want to discover new blogs to read?  Just click on Top Blogs, Popular Posts, or Follow More Blogs.  It’s super user-friendly.

You can even follow yours truly on Bloglovin’!  Just type my URL into the search bar, or click the image bellow, or click the image on the sidebar.  So many choices!


What RSS reader will you use when Google Reader goes down?