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I love studying to music.  I usually like calm, quiet songs or very upbeat ones depending on my motivation to study and/or the subject.  Here are some of my favorite songs from my study playlist.

Ingrid Michaelson – Corner of Your Heart

Coldplay – Life In Technicolor II

Iron & Wine – Each Coming Night

Ivy – Lucy Doesn’t Love You

The Postal Service – Nothing Better

Joshua Radin – I’d Rather Be With You

And some Thursday motivation.  Especially when final exams are coming up, I use inspirational quotations and phrases for my desktop background to give me a little bit of motivation whenever I turn my laptop on.

Wanderlust Co found on Polyvore


One of my favorite sayings.....

Bits of Truth... all quotes

So try, try again.

I just finished my first final exam, and I have three more to take this week and next week.  But I’m almost finished!  Just keep swimming… just keep swimming.

What is your favorite study/work music?