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7:00 am: Roll out of bed.  Half-asleep eye liner application is never a good idea.  But I do it anyway.

7:46 am: Eat PopTarts.  Feel no shame because I have an 8 am class and there’s a midterm today and I deserve sugar.

8:58 am: Finish midterm.  It was kind of a ride on the struggle bus, but hopefully I did all right.

9:46 am: Finish answering what feels like an endless stream of emails.

10:30 am: Remember that my other class today has been cancelled.  Spend the time I would have spent in class online flipping through the Madewell Spring Lookbook.  Swoon.  I wish I was a famous fashion blogger, if only because I could pull off outfits like this.


I disregard the fact that I’m currently wearing crop leggings and short Uggs, which show off my calves in the most unflattering way possible.

11:04 am: Purchased a Diet Coke.  It’s my first one in nearly a week.  I guess this could have been a good start to quitting my Diet Coke habit.  Too late!

11:20 am: Walk back home from class.  It’s nearly a mile walk and the sidewalks are frozen solid.  I took the long, indirect route back so that if I slipped and fell, nobody would be there to laugh at me.

11:40 am: Read a little bit of my neuroscience textbook.  Like, a very little bit.  As in, ten pages of it.  My lack of motivation today is a little bit ridiculous.

12:02 pm: Browse the Malabar Bay collection of Joss and Main.  I love these fun, geometric prints!

Clockwise from left: Roma, Greek Key, Hallie, Lulu

Clockwise from left: Roma, Greek Key, Hallie, Lulu

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