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Not so marvelous… Ever been to a Party City?  For some reason, the one near me is maybe the most uncomfortable store I’ve ever shopped in.  Narrow aisles, less-than-friendly employees, and of course, a lot of random stuff.  I picked up the items I needed and got out of there.  I don’t know why the store freaks me out, but it does!

so true for me!

Marvelous… Target is much better.  I come from a small suburban town, so wandering around the aisles of Target is one of the few activities we do here.

I wouldn't call our late night conversations wasting time on any account, but of course. we could in fact be sleeping instead of discussing imaginary friends and invisible made up forest animals. But the time zone thing we realized tonight/today was pretty awesome. "On Saturday I talked to Steven on Friday." Haha.

I especially love browsing the home aisles and imagining what my future house will look like.  I love interior design.  Here are some items I found on my most recent trip!

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Marvelous… trying a new nail polish and loving the result.  This one is called Cocktail Bling.  It’s a pretty light blue-ish grey color.


Marvelous… I’m off to bake some pumpkin bread.  Look for a recipe soon! 🙂

What is marvelous about YOUR Monday?