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I love Chicago.  It’s such a pretty city, especially in the wintertime.


Photos from a weekend getaway

Holidays2012 065

My sister’s crispy waffles at Sixteen

Holidays2012 067

My delicious fresh strawberries at Sixteen

I really enjoy being home, but I am excited to get back to school.  This quarter I’ll be working as a research assistant at a lab on campus.  The lab studies infant and toddler language acquisition, which I am so passionate about and excited to learn more about.

Speaking of school, I’ve been enjoying my new major so much.  I didn’t know that college courses were supposed to be interesting until now.  I work very hard, but I enjoy learning about communication science so much that it doesn’t feel like work.  I have always liked caring for infants and toddlers, and now I’m on track to help them for a living?  What could be better?!  I’m so glad I took a risk and made this decision for myself.

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