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…for listening to “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore over and over on Spotify for the past 26 minutes.

…for shopping online way too much.  Because apparently Cyber Monday lasts the entire week this year.

Printed Phone Case, Madewell, $18.50

…for buying myself a Diet Coke as a reward for getting to class early.  Sometimes you just need one.

…for Instagramming said Diet Coke while studying before class today.  And I’m pretty sure one of the scary graduate students saw.

I cannot wait for Winter Break.  I love the holiday season, but it’s difficult to fully experience it on a college campus.  It’s just not as festive.  I’m excited to go home and do all my favorite holiday things.  That being said, here is my Winter Break Wishlist.  It’s like a Christmas gift list, except it’s a list of activities that I want to do.

1. Bake Cookies

2. Go shopping in Chicago

3. Organize my closet

4. Go sledding

5. Jump on a trampoline while it snows

6. Cook homemade pasta sauce

7. Go for a run

8. Make scrapbook pages

9. Spend an afternoon wrapping presents

10. Make lots of sorority crafts

11. Whatever else I can think of 🙂

What is on YOUR Winter Wishlist?