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Crafts on crafts – my friends and I made eight of these wheat bushel place cards before giving up.  They were really difficult to make, but at least they look cute!

I didn’t realize how much I love toffee until this weekend.  This could turn out to be a very dangerous thing.


A cracker plate that I artfully arranged for my family’s Thanksgiving party.

I made this Apple Bourbon Streusel Pie, and though it took me a good hour of prep time to make, it turned out perfectly.  I have total confidence in Williams-Sonoma recipes – they always turn out beautifully and taste delicious.  This pie tasted even better the day after Thanksgiving.  I ate some for lunch straight out of the pie dish.  I have no regrets.

“Homemade” biscuits.  I made them at home fresh from the Pillsbury tube.


Can you believe the long weekend is over?  It flew by for me.  I’m so thankful for my family and friends.  They are just so much fun to hang out with, and I love them all so incredibly much.  What are YOU thankful for?

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