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Boy Scouts are selling popcorn.  Which means they’re selling chocolate-covered caramel popcorn.  Which means this is my reaction.

I got to see one of my lovely BFFs Jaime yesterday.  She is from Pennsylvania so I haven’t seen her all Summer, but now we’re reunited!  Jaime Instagrammed this photo.

We went to a football game along with my boyfriend Sebastian.  I can’t wait to see all my friends on Friday when I move back to college!  As for the game, I’m excited to say that the Northwestern Wildcats are currently 3-0!!  YAY!!

By this point in the afternoon I was tired of my hair being in my face, so I put it up in a ponytail.  I have extremely thick hair, so my hairstyle options are “up” and “down.”  If anyone has any styling tips for thick hair, please share!


Today I went to the gym, then stopped by my local library’s charity book sale with my parents.  I found this giant coffee table book for only $5.  It’s full of big,  full-color images of Toulouse-Lautrec’s fascinating paintings.

That made me happy, but this made me even happier.  I was flipping through the book when this pamphlet fell out.  It’s from a 1979 exhibit at The Art Institute of Chicago!  It’s in perfect condition and I plan to frame it.  I love old stuff, and this was a great find!!  I also think it’s funny that this particular image was chosen for the cover of the pamphlet.  It’s called Yvette Gilbert Taking a Curtain Call (1894) and I adore the sweet yet almost-smug look on Yvette’s face.

Who is your favorite artist?

Any thick-haired ladies have hairstyling tips?  Please help me out!