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The university that I attend starts notoriously late.  I’m so ready for school to start and here’s why.

1. One of my textbooks arrived yesterday.  I ordered it from Amazon because the book store is the biggest ripoff on earth.  I think that’s true for all campus book stores.  The crazy thing is that I actually started to read the book.  I’m so desperate for thoughtful activities that I read a textbook.  Granted, this is more of a dense, scholarly book than a textbook, but still.  I’m weird.

2. I’m tired of TV.  At school, I rarely watch TV because I don’t have enough time.  But at home, I can spend hours mindlessly watching Criminal Minds,  House, and Toddlers and Tiaras.  I know that my taste in television is a bit odd, but that’s not the point.  I’ve watched so much TV that when a show comes on, I have to check the guide if I’ve seen the episode before.  Because I’ve actually seen most of them.

3. I’m nesting.  I’m like a pregnant woman, except my baby is a college dorm room.  I may not live in the room yet, but I have everything except clothes all packed and ready to go.  I probably re-organize it all at least every other day because if that one box isn’t packed like a good game of Tetris, it’s not packed enough.

4. According to Target, back-to-school shopping is over.  They have moved on to stocking their shelves with Halloween stuff.  Halloween already!  While I enjoy planning my costume, I’m not ready for that yet.  And those enormous bags of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms are just so darn tempting.

Funny Halloween Ecard: You strike me as one of those people who hands out fruit on Halloween.

Never okay.

4. I’m starting to get back into my school schedule.  Last night I stayed up later than I have nearly all summer.  I woke up this morning and pushed the “snooze” button on my alarm because 6:15 was just not a good time for me to wake up.  I then mindlessly got ready and ate cereal all in a span of about 10 minutes before I drove to work.  I’m a morning person, but in college I’m less of one.  I still wake up before everyone else and go to the gym or do homework or something else productive, but I don’t wake up as early as I do in summer.

5. I’m hoarding office supplies.  I love office supplies.  Give me a good pen and an organized binder and I’m a happy girl.  Right before school starts I tend to get worried about running out of my pens or highlighters or paper or those pretty binder clips that I rarely use but like to have around.  When I walk through Staples, I feel like Maria from The Sound of Music.  Just blissful.

The hiiiiilllls are alive!

6. I’m relaxed.  There are many adjectives you could use to describe me, but relaxed is not one of them.  I’m Type A.  If there was a Type A+ I’d be it.  When I find myself feeling calm and relaxed, I know it’s time to get stressed out to keep myself from quitting school all together and making acrylic-painted picture frames all day.  And college is a really good way to add some stress back into my life.