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Hi loves!  This is a post full of random things because I don’t have a solid topic in mind but I have plenty of things to say.  Yay!

My reaction after reading this article.

Sad and angry.  Basically, a painting was brought to a church in Spain and a member of the congregation decided to take it upon herself to “restore” it.  I’m all for DIY projects, but there’s this thing called art preservation and it’s not as easy as just filling in the gaps of a beautiful painting yourself.  I once took a behind-the-scenes tour of an art museum, and it was incredible to see what they can do with a painting after lots of wear and tear.  They can even repair torn canvases!  I think it’s amazing that through science, we can experience art exactly how people hundreds of years ago saw it.  Hopefully, real art preservation specialists can restore this painting to its original, if not imperfect, glory.

To lighten the mood, here’s how I feel after watching this video.  It’s absolutely precious and shows how smart whales are.  Or at least, how smart this whale is!

In other news, I got a Tumblr!  It’s called “Just Enough Sparkle.” It’s full of sorority stuff, pictures and pop culture references.   I hope you like it!

Do you have Tumblr?  If so, comment with your site name so I can follow you!

FYI: Lilly Pulitzer is having their Endless Summer Sale, and it’s an enormous online sale with great discounts!  Even better, shipping is FREE!  It ends on August 25th, so go shop quickly before all your favorite run out!  I got this Carded ID Wristlet that was originally $38 for only $24.  I love wristlets because they hold everything I need (phone, ID, $$$, lip balm) but are easy to carry.  I can transfer my wristlet from my backpack to my tote bag to my clutch and know that I always have the essentials.  My current wristlet has seen better days, plus its phone compartment is too small for my iPhone.  This new one is an adorable pattern called Chum Bucket.  Yes… like the restaurant in Spongebob Squarepants.  Classy.

I’m off work next week, and I want to spend my break baking!  I have several recipes to try out, so get ready!