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When I saw other bloggers’ Marvelous in My Monday posts, my first thought was “but it’s not Monday yet!”  Last week feels like it flew by!  Regardless, I have some marvelous things to share.  🙂  As always, Thanks to Katie for hosting this!


Nike Tempo shorts!  They’re lightweight, comfy, and don’t ride up.  As for chafing, I rarely have chafing problems because I work out on the elliptical, so I can’t attest to any anti-chafing qualities.  BUT since these shorts are so popular, I bet they prevent chafing just fine.  In the past week I got two new pairs, including this cute purple and orange pair.

Nike Women's Printed Tempo Track Running Shorts - Dick's Sporting Goods

Usually, Tempo shorts come in fun, bright color combinations that clash just enough to look good.  Sometimes, however, I think the Nike people get a little too excited and end up making pairs like this one.

Nike Women's Printed Tempo Track Running Shorts - Dick's Sporting Goods

The “shopping list” feature on Sephora.com.  I can organize all my beauty loves in one place and swoon over them in the comfort of my own home without any pushy salespeople in the way.

New pet fishies!  Sebastian and I bought these two goldfish on Saturday for a reasonable 28 cents.  The white one is Batman and the orange one is Buttercup.  They sometimes kiss each other, which is adorable!  I think fish are just the cutest animals.

I registered for a Zumba instructor training!  I’ll be licensed to teach Zumba classes, and hopefully I’ll get a job teaching at the gym when I go back to school.  I’m really excited for the training; I just have to figure out a fun outfit to wear!

Thanks for reading!  What is marvelous about YOUR Monday?