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Sebastian decided to buy himself a fancy camera.


I’m wearing: GAP eyelet dress (now $34.99 in white, $29.99 in blue), my sister’s belt (Thanks Taylor!), Target gemstone flip flops ($16.99), Essie “Camera” nail polish ($8).



I don’t like shopping for clothes.  I prefer to shop online in the comfort of my home, where I can contemplate each purchase and seek out free shipping codes, than standing in a store with loud music playing and checkout lines and trying things on.  Oh, how I despise trying things on.  I don’t even know why.


The only clothing store I actually enjoy shopping in is Lululemon.  It’s like the anti-store.  I feel like a better person just browsing around there.  The salespeople are friendly and helpful, but not pushy.  The stores themselves are beautiful, calming, and not stuffed with merchandise.  The dressing rooms aren’t too tiny, because if I’m going to squeeze into a tight workout tank, then I need some elbow room.   Best of all, the salespeople write my name on a little chalkboard on the front of the dressing room.  Nobody can steal my Lululemon dressing room, and that’s a powerful feeling.  Of course, none of this would matter if Lululemon’s clothes were sub-par.  But as I’m sure you know, that’s not the case at all.  And if you don’t know, then please check the Lululemon website out and order something and fall in love, because I know you will.  And there’s always free shipping.

lululemon athletica

Here are three of my favorite Lululemon items.

Scoop Neck Tank, $52

Lululemon follows the “one item, many color” clothing philosophy, which is great because when I find something I like, I can order it in more colors.  This is especially true of the scoop neck tank.  I love its flattering neckline and futuristic-looking back design, and I currently have it in the best, most powerful fuschia color you could imagine.  They’re constantly releasing new colors, so if I’m not a big fan of one season’s colors, I know that next season there will be new ones.

Boogie Short, $42

Let me get one thing straight about these shorts: they’re short.  As in, too short to wear anywhere other than the gym and your house.  These are not “wear to the grocery store” shorts.  Nor are they “wear to class” shorts.  They’re meant to be worn while you work out.  And they’re great for that.

Define Jacket, $99

This jacket is super comfortable and soft, but it still makes you look and feel like a workout goddess.  Wear it around the gym as a warm-up jacket, or over a cute tank with leggings.  This was the first Lulu item I ever bought (which was a few years ago), and it still looks good-as-new.  My only complaint is that this jacket isn’t warm enough to be worn as an actual jacket.  It is thin enough to be layered under a heavier jacket or hoodie for an extra  layer, though.


Obviously, Lululemon didn’t pay me to do these reviews.  They’re entirely my opinions, so you can trust them. 🙂


What is your favorite workout clothing brand?