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I liked doing Marvelous Monday last week, so perhaps it will become a weekly thing.  It’s always good to talk about positive stuff.  We don’t do it enough.  Case in point: NBC’s Olympic coverage.  I can’t stand how they only focus on the negative outcomes of the events and the mistakes athletes make.  I’d to see the newscasters try the sports they’re critiquing!

So, what is marvelous in my life right now?

Funny signs at the carnival.

larger person, smaller person

Never force or allow a frightened child to ride!

Back-to-school shopping!  I made a specific list of items I need because if I didn’t  then I probably wouldn’t end up buying anything ever.

Stuff I Need for School:

  • boots that aren’t Uggs
  • neon shoes
  • casual dresses in neutral colors
  • dress for Fall Formal
  • jeans
  • black pants that aren’t yoga pants
  • red sweater

I think too much when I buy clothes; there’s always a “Do I REALLY need this?” dialogue in my head.  With a list, I can remind myself that YES I do need this item and I work 50-hour weeks so I have money to spend spend on it.  I got these great boots from DSW.

White Mountain Pinwheel Boot, $49.94

Jeans from H&M to wear with the boots – I’m extremely picky about jeans, so much so that I rarely even wear them.  This pair was comfortable and stretchy, but doesn’t resemble the dreaded jeggings.  Fashionable as they may be, I refuse to stoop to that level.

Slim Jeans, $19.95

Also from H&M, a pair of neon yellow ballet flats.  These are very comfortable, which is surprising for ballet flats.  One would think they would be comfy because they’re flat and made of soft material, but ballet flats usually give me the worst blisters!  I couldn’t find a photo of the shoes in the color I bought, but they look just like this pair except they’re neon yellow.

Ballet Flats, $12.95

And a great simple, structured dress from Forever 21.  I love that this looks expensive, and it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  This fits me perfectly so I don’t have to get it tailored, unlike most structured clothing (suits, nice pants, etc.).  I’m excited to wear it!

Retro Shirtdress with Belt, $29.80

Yesterday, my boyfriend Sebastian and I took a trip to the Botanic Gardens.  We made a duck friend!

And I enjoyed the best chocolate chip scone of my life.  Which is saying something, because I’m a chocolate chip scone aficionado if I do say so myself.  The garden sold Justin’s nut butter packets (!!!), so I topped my scone with some almond butter.  It was a great combo.

I had a marvelous weekend, but now I’m back at work waiting for the toddler I nanny to fall asleep.  Here’s to hoping he does soon, or else he’ll be cranky for the rest of the day. :/  Thanks for reading, and thanks to Healthy Diva Eats for hosting MIMM!


What is marvelous about your Monday?

What is your favorite kind of scone?