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I started wearing makeup at a very young age because of ballet recitals.  We were instructed to wear the basics: red lipstick, pink blush, black mascara and eyeliner.  I usually added light blue shadow because it made me feel like Barbie.  Granted, I had no concept of how to actually do my makeup at this age.  But I had fun putting it on.
I used my mom’s makeup, which was so luxurious in its tiny plastic tins and tubes.  She had plenty of Chanel and Clinique, and the one thing I remember was her makeup remover.  I’d usually forget to shake the bottle and get an eye full of oily liquid, but that cool, refreshing feeling of taking off my eye makeup was amazing.  It still can’t be beat.
So Clinique reminds me of my childhood and my mom and ballet recitals.  They’re known for their skincare, which tends to be too harsh for my sensitive skin, but their makeup is wonderful.  Here are my picks.

Clinique mascara

Clinique eye shadow

Clinique lip treatment

Enjoy!  And get ready for more of these 🙂