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Hi everyone!  Today my boyfriend Sebastian and I went to the beach.  We weren’t there for long because I forgot beach towels and sunscreen and as you can see, neither one of us has the ideal complexions for prolonged sun exposure.

Me looking especially short.  I made Sebastian bend down so I could take this picture!  He’s 10 inches taller than I am.

Also notice that round mark on my forehead.  I was going to edit it out of the photo but then I realized I could tell you all a story about it so I left it there.  Intentional blemish-keeping all for the sake of this blog.  The things I do… sigh. 😉

Anyway, I burnt it while I was curling my hair a few days ago.  This was the final straw that caused me to give up on curling my hair.  As much as I disliked my hair for it being unable to hold a straight look in even slightly humid weather, it curls even worse.  No amount of hairspray, heat, or time could make my hair curl.  According to my boyfriend, it’s “poofy.”  And after 19 years, I’ve come to accept that.  But I must ask: does anyone have any tips on curling thick hair?!

Back to the beach.  It was a perfect day!  This may look like the Caribbean, but it’s actually Lake Michigan.  This water color never happens because the lake is full of E. coli and other fun stuff.

The sign below says “No diving or jumping off of rocks.”  I imagine it’s so specific because some intelligent guy jumped off the rocks, got in trouble, and said, “but I didn’t jump, I dove in!”  Thus, the rule was revised.

This is a public beach, so there are actually a lot of rules.  My favorite one was “No pedestrians in the parking lot.”  Wait… what?!

There was a man making an amazing sandcastle!

And that was my Sunday afternoon.  How was yours?