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Top 10 College Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

H M v neck cardigan
$16 – hm.com

In college, you’ll likely be walking outside a lot.  Remember in high school how you used to drive a mile to the Noodles & Company for lunch?  Well, unless you’ve been blessed with a car on campus or an extremely reliable public transportation system, then you’ll be walking.  And Murphy’s law explains that if you go for a long walk without wearing an outer layer, then you’ll be extremely cold and miserable.   I always keep a light sweater in my bag for this purpose.  This inexpensive sweater doesn’t take up too much space in a bag, and if you lose it, it’s not too big of a jab to your bank account.  It’s also useful in those freezing cold lecture halls, or on those nights when you can’t decide whether it’s cold enough to wear a coat.

H m blazer
$23 – hm.com

In college, you’ll go to job interviews.  You thought you escaped that fate by going to college instead of going straight to work.  But, surprise!   Want an on-campus job?  Want to perfect your interviewing skills at the campus career center?  Want to look super-polished when you give a class presentation?  Then a nice blazer is essential.  Wear it over a dress, or with a (not-too-tight) pencil skirt.  Don’t forget to iron it!

One of my big mistakes when packing for college was not bringing enough walking shoes.  I have several pairs of pretty ballet flats, but after a few minutes walking in them, my feet ache.  Make sure you have at least 2 pairs of cute shoes that you can wear all day, and no, workout shoes don’t count.

A big bag is extremely important!  If you only bring one item from this list to school, then this is the one I recommend.  I usually carry a backpack to my classes, but to the library, the gym, and other places, I prefer a large tote bag.  I can fit everything in it, but it doesn’t shout, “I’m a student!”  Most importantly, my stuff is easier to access than when it’s in a backpack.

At parties, you need to have your phone, wallet, and keys at all times.  Buy a cheap cross-body handbag, so that if someone spills something on it, it’s not the end of the world.

American Apparel white shades

I forgot to bring sunglasses when I went to college.  So don’t make that mistake.
I probably have 50 tubes of lip balm scattered throughout my possessions.  Especially in cold weather, your lips will get dry and chapped, so you can never have enough chapstick!

A great neutral nail polish is essential – it goes with everything, looks classy, and who doesn’t love polishing their nails?  It’s an instant stress-reliever and a “productive” study break.

Everyone’s eco-friendly at college.  And even if they’re not, then you should be.  A travel mug is great for on-the-go coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or whatever.  Most on-campus cafes will put your drink in your mug for you.  Mine will fill my mug with hot water for free, and I add my own tea bag.  Free drinks!

2013 Large Agenda

Unlike in high school, nobody will remind you to do your homework or study.  So get a planner and use it.  I can’t stress this enough.  If you want to get organized, then a planner is the first place to start.
That’s all!  Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂