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Private shopping websites make me feel special.  Like I’m part of some special club of people who like nice things but have no money to spend on them.

But not all of them are created equal – it’s important to only join the ones you think you might actually buy things from.  Because the websites will send you emails.  Lots of emails.

And even though you can probably un-check a box that says “YES send me hourly updates that I won’t read anyway!”, you won’t.  You’ll just be annoyed by them because you don’t care that such-and-such brand is on sale.

So here are my recommendations of where to join and why.  And because these websites are private, you’ll usually need an invitation.  Some of them just let you sign up, which is great!  But I can send you an invite if you’d like.  So if you want to join one, send me an email.  My email address is on the sidebar to the right of this post.

First up is Rue La La.

Contents:  Everything from clothes (for men, women, and kids) to home decor, accessories, and even a few local deals.

Discounts:  Vary, but generally around half off the original price.

Big Picture:  Rue La La always has a great selection, but when high-profile brands are for sale, they sell out extremely fast.  Be sure to keep up with the “Coming Soon” section to make sure you get the deals you want quickly.

Next is Joss and Main.

Contents:  Home furnishing, accessories, and gifts

Discounts:  Usually around 60%

Big Picture:  Joss and Main has a more traditional style, which is great if you’re into that.  I’m not, so I prefer the next website on this list,

One Kings Lane.

Contents:  Home furnishing, accessories, gifts, and vintage items

Discounts:  Around 40%-50%; vintage items are on sale but the prices are subjective because you can’t buy them anywhere else

Big Picture:  I love the style of items One Kings Lane has to offer, but I wish their prices were a bit lower.   Sometimes you can find some great, inexpensive pieces here, and the fact that they sell vintage items makes me love just browsing around this site.

Next up, Fab.com.

Contents:  Home furnishings, home accessories, tech stuff, occasionally clothes, accessories, art, stationary, other knickknacks

Discounts:  Varies by brand, too wide-range to make a good estimate

Big Picture:  I love to browse around this site, but I’ve never actually bought anything because there’s rarely anything I really need.  A great place to shop for gifts and home stuff, though!

And finally, the newest site I joined, Everlane.

Contents:  Basic clothing for men and women, accessories

Discounts:  This site doesn’t show the retail prices of each item, but nothing is under $100.  It’s tough to determine the quality of the items just by looking at the pictures on the site.

Big Picture:  I’d say join and wait for it to grow some more.  It just launched, and I have a feeling it will turn out to be really great.

That’s all for now, hope you gained valuable knowledge from this post.  Er… I hope you enjoyed reading it, though!

Are you a member of any of these sites?  Are there any great ones I’ve missed?