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You know what I haven’t talked about in a long time?  Too long of a time?  Nail polish.  I recently tried FACE Stockholm nail polish, which actually belongs to my sister.  Thanks, Taylor!  She got it at J Crew, and I haven’t seen it anywhere else.  My thoughts?  I think this polish is wonderful!  It goes on evenly and smoothly, dries fairly quickly, and has a nice sheen to it that makes nails look healthy and strong.  I tried it in this color, which looks like jadeite, yay!  It’s out of stock online and I cannot find the name of it anywhere.

I checked out the website to get the photo above and learned that this polish comes in 112 colors!  It contains no DPT, formaldehyde, or tulene, which, according to my expansive chemistry knowledge (read: general chemistry and the internet), are not very good chemicals to put on your body.

On the website, each bottle sells for $12.  A little pricier than the other polishes I like (Revlon, Essie, and OPI), but if you want to splurge on polish, then FACE Stockholm is a good choice.
FACE also has every makeup product under the sun in every color you could ever want.
Including the lipstick shade I have been looking for since I saw it on my friend Mariah and told her I would take it from her and she didn’t believe me.
I never actually stole it from her.  That would be mean.
This lipstick is a little pricey at $22, but who knows?  I might just convince myself to buy it online.  For Mariah’s sake, of course.  😛
That’s all for now, loves.  Here are some questions for you!
What is your favorite brand and color of nail polish?
Do you like online shopping, or do you prefer to look at stuff online and try it out in the store?