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Look!  A project tutorial!  Here’s how to make a Vineyard Vines jar... or whatever kind of jar you’d like!  This project is easy, fun, and a great way to personalize just about anything.

1. Go to google images, find the design you want to put on your jar, and print it out.  Cut the image out and tape it onto the jar.

2. With a permanent marker, carefully trace the image.  The marker will bleed onto the jar itself.  Carefully remove the image and discard it.

3. Paint a thin coat of white nail polish (or paint, if you’re fortunate like that) onto the jar.  This will make subsequent coats of paint look brighter.

4.  Paint several coats of colored nail polish (or paint) onto the jar.  Depending on the thickness of the paint, you may need to do many coats.  Make sure you let each coat dry before painting on another.

5. Let the paint dry overnight, then use puffy paint to add details and outlines.  Let it dry overnight again, and fill with whatever you want.  I filled mine with cotton balls.

And that’s it!