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Rimmel London’s Clean Finish foundation is EXCELLENT.  Like actually, the best foundation I have ever used.  It doesn’t clog my pores, and it actually makes them look smaller!  Though this is liquid foundation, it has the consistency of soft mousse.  It comes with a little palette knife, so smear some onto a foam triangle before applying it to your face.  I got it in “Warm Ivory” which is absolutely true-to-name.  It’s very fair with golden undertones, just like my skin.  And it wouldn’t be Summer without sunscreen!  This Loreal one makes your skin look great and doesn’t clog pores.  It also comes in SPF 50, which is the variety that I have.

Benefit’s “They’re Real!” mascara doesn’t just have a cute name – it works great, too.  This mascara adds both length and volume, and doesn’t clump or feel heavy.  For Summer, swap your black eyeliner for brown.  It’ll give you bright, beach-ready eyes without all the heaviness of black.  Remember to wear waterproof eye makeup if you’re going swimming!  Another tip: if it’s a hot day and you want your eye makeup to stay in place, close your eyes and spray hairspray over the makeup.  Don’t get it on your cheeks or your pores will get clogged, and do not do this every day, but it’s ok every once in a while and I promise it works!

Nobody wants chapped lips, especially in Summer!  Both of these balms will keep your lips moisturized and gorgeous.  I  layer them on top of one another: it makes the color last while sealing moisture in.